Splunk Administrator

Location: Remote, Nationwide, USA
Date Posted: 12-20-2018
Job Description:

This position requires a SECRET security clearance.

The Splunk Admin will serve as the go-to resource for all Splunk-related organizational inquiries, while also being responsible for supporting the day-to-day administration and health of a Splunk installation, including the monitoring, installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting and maintenance of Splunk and Splunk-related solutions and may be called upon to provide technical support, troubleshoot problems and perform scripting/programming to ensure stable and efficient operation of Splunk and Splunk-related technology solutions.

Essential Functions:
  *   Leads and/or assists with the installation, monitoring, testing, configuration, migration, maintenance and troubleshooting of assigned technology.
  *   Manages system/application environment and ongoing operations.
  *   Ensures that the technologies are updated with current, stable, and compliant architecture and applications that meet enterprise standards.
  *   Researches, designs, implements and tests technology solutions.
  *   Proactively monitors and reports performance and utilization of assigned technologies.
  *   Troubleshoots software and/or hardware issues/failures.
  *   Resolves alerts and performs remediation activities.
  *   Manages problem or escalated tickets and tasks and out of cycle requests from systems/software owners.
  *   Assists with developing tactical strategies, processes and procedures related to systems/application administration.
  *   Determines migration and upgrade impacts and diagnose/resolve complex technology/application errors.
  *   Collaborates with IT and business area partners on work groups and initiatives.
  *   Determines best course of action for meeting business needs.
  *   Ensures execution and alignment to architectural standards and blueprints.
  *   May contribute input to infrastructure architecture.
  *   Performs on-call activities, as needed, for the environment and technologies.
  *   Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Job Requirements:
  *   Must possess -- at a minimum -- Splunk Enterprise Admin Certification.
  *   Must possess -- at a minimum -- Secret Level clearance.

  *   Must be familiar with Splunk architecture and Splunk best practices.
  *   Must have experience with installing Splunk forwarders and building Splunk dashboards.
  *   Must possess practical knowledge of a distributed Splunk installation; indexers, forwarders, search heads, clusters.
  *   Must possess a strong knowledge of Splunk search language.
  *   Must be able to troubleshoot Splunk performance issues from within both a Windows and a RedHat Linux environment.
  *   Must possess a working knowledge of LAN/WAN equipment and related services.
  *   Must possess a working knowledge of SAN and NAS storage technologies.
  *   Must possess experience with networking, server, application and web technologies.
  *   Must be capable of supporting Splunk on Linux, Windows on both physical and virtualized platforms
  *   Must possess a solid understanding of logging technologies (i.e. HEC, syslog, Windows, and UNIX native logging).
  *   Must possess strong experience administering and monitoring enterprise operating systems, including Linux and Windows servers.
  *   Must possess strong presentation skills and be able to communicate clearly and professionally to emails and when submitting status reports.
  *   Must be both organized and analytical, as well as able to document processes and procedures.

  *   Should possess 5+ years relevant experience in supporting software products to IT organizations.
  *   Should possess a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science or a related discipline.  (This is preferred, but not required.)
  *   Should possess very strong written and verbal communication skills.
  *   Should possess additional relevant Splunk certifications.  (This is preferred, but not required.)
  *   Should possess both experience and familiarity with a variety of IT management products and services.
  *   Should possess programming and development skills, including scripting.
  *   Should possess experience with networking, server, application and web technologies.
  *   Should possess experience with premium Splunk Apps, like ITSI and ES.  (This is preferred, but not required.)
  *   Should possess experience with government -- local/municipality, county, state or federal.  (This is preferred, but not required.)

Job Type:
  *   Contract
  *   6-8 months Duration
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